2013年 12月 28日

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Alula-evo(EPP)(7,680 円)再入荷
Alula Glider Specifications:
Flight Characteristics: Light and buoyant flier for flatland and small slopes.
Wingspan: 35.4 in (900mm)
Wing area: 259 sq.in (16.7 sq.dm)
Weight range: 5.8 - 6.5 oz (164-184 gm)
Wing Loading: 3.2-3.3 oz/sq.ft (9.3-10.2 gm/sq.dm)
Wind Range: 0-15 mph
Skill level: Novice to expert
Kit building time: 1 - 2 hours
Minimum radio requirements: 2 channel, elevon mixing with dual rates and/or ATV (Adjustable Throw Volume), sub-micro radio components (see below for details).

RC-Factoryハードウェアパック(1,380 円)も各種入荷。



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