R/C 小型電動飛行機 News

2013年 06月 08日

E-flite さんから

UMX Yak 54 180 BNF($169.99) AS3X 3軸ジャイロ搭載、今月出る模様。

Product Specifications

Wingspan:17.8 in (452mm)
Overall Length:16.1 in (410mm)
Wing Area:78.7 sq. in. (508 sq. cm.)
Flying Weight:2.5 oz (70 g)
Motor Size:180-size brushless outrunner (installed)
Radio:4+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter with programmable dual rates and exponential (required)
Servos:(4) 2.3-gram performance linear long-throw servos (installed)

C-Ray 180 PNP($99.99)なんてのも。
Wingspan:21.7 in (550mm)
Overall Length:13.5 in (342mm)
Wing Area:126 sq. in. (8.05 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight:4.40 oz (125 g)
Motor Size:180-size, 2500Kv brushless outrunner (installed)
Radio:4+ channel transmitter with elevon mixing
Servos:(2) 3-gram super sub-micro servos (installed)

by kanamonoya01 | 2013-06-08 20:28 | R/C 小型電動飛行機 News

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