R/C 小型電動飛行機 News

2013年 08月 16日

Miracle Mart さんに

Mi-RX42S 4 ch Reciever (DSM2)($16.80)再入荷していた。

Can be setup output data mode (PPM or SPI)
1 mm JST connector(suitable for linear servo Mi-LSM1300, Mi-LSM1800 series)
Can be fixed with 3M double-sided adhesive

Type:DSM2 2.4G micro receiver
Number of channels:4 Channel
Weight:0.75 g
Operating Voltage:3.3~4.2 V(1S Li-Po battery is recommended)
Antenna Length:30 mm
Size:12.0 x 16.6 x 6.5 mm(Cord-free)

Transmitter Modeuld RF-MFX720-FH (For Futaba, Hitec Devo NE TX)($105.80)

MFX 720 Module series
Mmulti-protocol spectrum system ( MTSS-Mul ),
specialized for upgrading traditional high-end traismitters

General Information:
‘MTSS-Mul’, a 2.4G spectrum transmitting system based on brand-new ‘ONE TO
ALL’ designing idea---supporting DSM2, DEVO and J6Pro at the same time;
Specialized in traditional high-end transmitters upgrades, e.g. JR 9XII,FUTABA T9C,
FUTABA 10CHP and Hitec AURORA-9(directly fixed);
Supporting transmitters with changeable modules like W-fly;
Supporting HorizonHobby’s products with DSM2 or compatible receivers, e.g.
McpxV1&V2,130-X,MSR-X and UMX;
Supporting Walkera’s Super CP,Mini CP,V120D02S,Master CP and quadrocopters;
Supproting nineeagle’s SOLOPRO 125,SOLOPRO 180D, Solo Pro 319 and any models
that can be controlled by J6 transmitters;


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