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2013年 08月 30日


MINI MWC Flight Control Board and DSM2 Receiver ACC/GYRO/BARO/MAG($27.86)

The New Mini MWC flight control board is milestone in the progress and ingenuity of the MWC platform. Combining the power of the ATMEGA328p with an Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer and Digital compass with an on-board 7 channel DSM2 receiver (with an onboard bind button!). All packaged on a quality double copper PCB with Gold coated connections and footprint not much bigger than a large coin! The world of Mini Multi-rotors just caught up to their bigger brother's.

The MWC platform offers a laundry list of functions and feature like; Auto stabilize , altitude hold, Simple mode and much more, and with the available GPS option even loiter in a set position and return to home options! You can even opt to attach an optional OLED screen for easy programing and feedback!

• 7CH DSM2 Compatible Receiver (PPM SUM)
• Self-voltage checking
• FTD1 protection
• ATMEGA328P Microcontroller
• MPU6050 Accelerometer and Gyro
• BMP085 Digital Barometric Sensor
• HMC5883L Digital Manometer/Compass
• C8051F330 MCU
• CYRF69103 Radio
• Dual IIC Ports
• GPS Port (GPS not included)
• OLED Screen Port (OLED not included)

The following functions can be realized through the MINI MWC flight control board:
-Auto stabilization
-Stabilize the altitude
-Fixed heading course
-Hovering at an identified position (needs 12C-GPS converter board and supports by GPS)
-Return flight automatically (needs 12C-GPS converter board and supports by GPS)
-And more

MINI MWC flight board supported modes:
-GIMBAL-individual cradle head stabilization
-Fixed-wing airplane
-cradle/gimbal head stabilization

Options not included: (Stock will be coming soon)
-MX-FTDI programming stick tool
-OLED screen, can be mounted on MINI MWC flight control board directly
-IIC to UART converter board, It is for changing the UART signal of GPS to a IIC signal
-GPS module

Size: 47.7X23.5X11mm
Weight: 7.8g
Working voltage: 5-8.4V

*Transmitter for MINI MWC flight control board needs to support DSM2 and 4CH or above (we recommend 6CH or above)



by kanamonoya01 | 2013-08-30 20:16 | R/C 小型電動飛行機 News

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